Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

So sadly I am late in posting, I was hoping to start my blog on the 1st day of 2012, but I spent most of it in A&E after my knee went on me. I’m currently in a knee brace while watching the Race to Dakar.

So ill start with a little about me. Hi I’m Nessy *waves*, I live on the lovely Isle of Man, with my boyfriend, two sisters, our two dogs (Joey and Oscar) and my sisters two dogs (Joeys mum and sister). I’m 24 green haired, brown eyed. I love all crafts and playing around. My favourite crafts at the moment are Knitting, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Spinning and Quilt making. I also love cooking and spending time on my allotment.

I dream of owning my own house (slightly hard over here as we have London house prices) and of being as self sufficient as possible. I’d love to own a couple of hen’s lol.

I’m hoping 2012 is the year I come out of my shell and that it is the year of mini adventures.

52 Things I want to do in 2012 
1, Spend more time outdoors on day off’s
2, Do the Manx End to End (If knee is willing)
3, Learn to make bread without a bread machine
4, Learn to cook (will help with point 4)
5, Bake a cake/sweet treat a month
6, Bake a pie/tart every month
7, Start saving for our House fund
8, See more of the Island
9, Play tourist every month and see something you haven’t before
10, See more of the world
11, Go to a European country
12, Make monthly goals, to work towards
13, Scrapbook more
14, Knit more
15, Sew more
16, Attempt to finish my Halloween quilt
17, Knit 6 pairs of socks, with the aim at doing 12
18, Start to cycle to work and back (if knee allows)
19, Lose weight, with the aim to lose all I need to
20, Wear more dresses and skirts
21, Make and send out birthday cards to everyone, before their birthday
22, Read a proper book once a month
23, Start making a lunch to take to work to save spending money
24, Write a budget and keep to it
25, Try cash enveloping
26, See more of England
27, Start saying No
28, Start cooking dinner more
29, Be more mindful of people around me
30, Document 2012 by doing my own version of Project Life
31, Try making a date night/day with Michael every month
32, Stop stressing about the future and live in today
33, Laugh more
34, Start wearing clothing I like, not just clothing I can fit into
35, Learn how to wear heels
36, Start up yearly traditions to keep
37, Laugh More
38, Start taking note of my appearance and make an effort
39, Start sewing my own clothes
40, Try something new
41, Sew a quilt
42, Sort out Christmas way before Christmas
43, Eat less processed foods
44, Wean our shopping away from the supermarket
45, Make the bedroom more of a home
46, Organise my crafting items
47, Knit a jumper
48, Spend more time doing what I enjoy
49, Take better care of myself
50, Go on more walks
51, Focus more
52, Live More

Till tomorrow x